Presidio: Virtual Class Visit - Systems, Sustainability, & Social Justice

    Thursday, March 28, 2024 at 5:30 PM until 7:00 PMPacific Daylight Time UTC -07:00

    Join us for a virtual class visit at Presidio Graduate School! Prospective students have the unique opportunity to sit in on a real class session and experience our dynamic learning environment firsthand. You'll gain insight into our tight-knit community and see how we seamlessly integrate sustainability, social justice, and systems thinking into every aspect of our curriculum. Whether you're interested in our MBA, MPA, or Dual Degree program, this experience will help you envision yourself as a vital part of our forward-thinking community. Don't miss this chance to get a taste of what makes Presidio Graduate School a leader in sustainable education!

    Zoom Information
    Meeting ID: 971 6983 5965
    Passcode: SSSJ2024
    Class Visit Details
    Professor: Marsha Willard
    Topic: Guest Speaker

    Course Description
    This first term course helps students understand the context within which business and government operate and what is unsustainable about our practices, policies, and mental models. The context includes understanding current events and trends in public policy, the myriad of complex social, environmental, and economic issues facing society, as well as some of the historical context of all of this. Students apply all these concepts to a particular issue of their choice and do a deep study of that issue and the system within which it resides. As part of this process, students develop and apply research methods, data analysis, stakeholder engagement strategies, systems thinking, and presentation skills. Lectures and readings provide an overview of the critical literacies in economic, financial, environmental, and social justice issues, the history of the sustainability movement, including the various social and economic movements from which the current practices of sustainability in business and society grew, and the key actors and the basic literature in the field. The course culminates in the exploration of business’ responsibility in embracing the quadruple bottom line and embedding the principles of sustainability, environmental stewardship, and social justice in strategic operations.

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